ISO 17025 quality manual


ISO 17025

There are two main sections in ISO 17025: management requirements and technical requirements.

Management requirements are related to the operation and effectiveness of the quality management system within the laboratory and has similar requirements to ISO 9001. Technical requirements address the competence of staff, testing methodology, equipment and quality and reporting of test and calibration results.

The quality manual has the following table of contents.
Below you can download a sample.

Table of contents
1. General
1.1. Index and revision status
1.2. Purpose

2. Background of the laboratory
2.1. Activities
2.2. History

3. Definitions and conventions
3.1. Definitions and terminology
3.2. Abbreviations

4. General requirements
4.1. Impartiality
4.2. Confidentiality

5. Structural requirements
5.1. Structural requirements

6. Resource requirements
6.1. General
6.2. Personnel
6.3. Laboratory facilities and environmental conditions
6.4. Equipment
6.5. Metrological traceability
6.6. Externally provided products and services

7. Process requirements
7.1. Review of requests, tenders and contracts
7.2. Selection, verification and validation of methods
7.3. Sampling
7.4. Handling of test or calibration items
7.5. Technical records
7.6. Evaluation of measurement uncertainty
7.7. Assuring the quality of results
7.8. Reporting of results
7.9. Complaints
7.10. Management of nonconforming work
7.11. Control of data-information management

8. Management requirements
8.1. Options
8.2. Management system documentation
8.3. Control of management system documents
8.4. Control of records
8.5. Actions to address risks and opportunities
8.6. Improvement
8.7. Corrective action
8.8. Internal audits
8.9. Management reviews


Download a sample of our ISO 17025 quality manual here:
Quality Manual

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